"Don’t take this matter to heart. Our demon cultivation speed will soon come. It’s not because of Bai Yujing. The two of us are also in the once-in-a-century family. Tianjiao knows that after coming here, he will be compared to slag." The year-round tone is depressed.

"Well, you should do it quickly, even if we can’t be others, we should practice well ourselves so that we can be together for a long time in the future." Snake Spirit urged Guinian to say.
To smell speech pointed to his cheek.
The snake spirit looked around, and the mystery was advanced, and the rest of the body was also concentrating on logging. No one noticed that the snake spirit quickly bowed his head and kissed the cheek in Guinian.
This kiss restored Guinian’s motivation to continue working.
Such as mystery advanced see snake spirit face two hongxia asked "the teacher elder sister, are you tired? You go to the side and have a rest first. I’ll do it. "
"Cough is nothing, the teacher elder sister is not tired and doesn’t care." Snake spirit couldn’t help coughing.
Then they continued to collect laurel mystery and snake spirit, and they were very close.
Seeing Xuanji’s concentration and unshakable expression, the snake spirit suddenly asked Xuanji with some curiosity, "Do you like male practice, sister Xuanji?"
"What kind of love? If it’s my stuff, I like brother Yan’s welcome and sword star’s cold … If it’s like you and brother Guinian, the teacher elder sister, do you like it? "
"Really? I have seen senior martial sister Xuanji more than once, and you drool over senior martial brother Bu Tian’s figure, so you put on an extra dress for senior martial brother Bu shyly, but this has never happened before.
"Cough me that is pure appreciation …" Mystery quibbled.
"Brother Yubu told me … I’m still at a low level of cultivation, and I’m not allowed to think too much about it, no matter how long I live or not. Is Brother Bubu really practicing Kung Fu as Brother Guinian said?" Mystery curious asked snake spirit way
Chapter 137 Chapter 137
Now the mystery has only built five floors, and there is still a way to go before it breaks through the twelfth floor of the foundation in the then period. It is not urgent
With the passage of time, the outside world needs laurel trees to reach the standard gradually, and then the body builders have begun to discuss which area to try after.
Some people choose to accompany others and choose to walk alone, which is like a mystery.
Seeing the last point left in the process of cutting laurel trees, it has entered the final closing stage, and the mystery said goodbye to Snake Spirit and Guinian.
The snake spirit still needs to wait for a while because of the transportation in the new year. When he heard it, he told Xuanji with a smile, "Sister, remember to look at the map often, or it will be bad if you accidentally go into the dangerous area."
"I know, thank you for your advice. I’ll go first." Xuanji nodded at the snake spirit, and then he flew on the ground with his royal sword. "Whoosh" disappeared.
"Go and help me find Requiem Wood first." Mystery shoulders green ghost way
The location of requiem wood is far from the mystery. It’s not who let it be Qing Ming around the mystery recently. Anyway, I have to go there sooner or later. The mystery directly controls the spirit sword to fly in the direction of requiem wood.
"Requiem wood is of great benefit to monks, especially high-order monks. You should be careful." Qing Ming frowned as if he sensed something and said to the mystery.
The secret environment of the second wood is open to the monks and they choose to go to the Requiem Wood. The monks have been prepared for a long time. "I know that in addition to making incense for you, I will also prepare a few pieces for myself and my friends."
Mystery in my mind to calculate a, yan welcome and sword star cold two must have and Qin Hongrui in frost flying jade can sell her requiem wood in addition to Bu Tian order, method, prajna, although they may not have, but it is also her heart is not.
Just as Mystery and Qing Ming were rushing to the requiem wood, a corner of the secret place of Yi Mu was invisible. The pine was loose, first with one hand, then with the body, and then with the head. A monk struggled to climb out from somewhere.
After coming in, the monk breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s really not easy to sneak in the secret territory of B wood."
After he came in, several monks heard the news and looked around the environment. "Take out the map from the third-order blue maple grove here. Compared with Brother Bai Yujing, we are already far behind. We must hurry up."
"It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu can’t get in, or the elders Bai Yujing won’t come in. We can end the secret environment of B wood in one breath after the magic way, and then we will have whatever spiritual plants we want, which will be as miserable as it is now." Someone regretted.
"Don’t think about if the bodhi old zu can come in, and what’s the matter with our little shrimp? Ok, let’s get started. This time, we have to pick spiritual plants and hunt Bai Yujing. Are the monks busy? "Said a line of monks and quickly spread out.
On the other hand, the mystery follows the map and gives the route to Lai ‘an. Occasionally, when people encounter a bright eye, the speed of spiritual plants will stop involuntarily. Fortunately, those rare spiritual plants are generally guarded by fierce beasts.
Lingzhi is very important to human monks, and it is also natural for fierce beasts. Many fierce beasts tend to lurk around rare Lingzhi, that is, when the time is right, they will swallow Lingzhi in one gulp.
However, the guardian spirit is not fixed to plant fierce beasts. If a stronger fierce beast takes a fancy to this site, it will become a rare spirit to plant a new guardian fierce beast.
The first thing I saw along the mysterious road was a beautiful purple grass swaying on the edge of the cliff.
Purple sky grass is an extremely precious alchemical elixir, which can increase monks’ cultivation of mystery if swallowed directly. Seeing that this purple sky grass has grown for about 500 years and has not been swallowed by fierce beasts for more than 500 years, it can be seen that it has not reached the peak of its drug efficacy.
As soon as Xuanji landed somewhere on the cliff, there was a shrill scream, and then he saw a dark figure covering the sun, shaped like a black sculpture, and a fourth-order fierce beast flew out of the cliff abode of fairies and immortals. His dark eyes flashed with determination and cold light, and he looked at Xuanji with vigilance.
Not to the mystery immediately hand or because of the mystery waist jasper tripod.
However, even if the mystery has a secret environment, and the owner gives it as a token, the fourth-order fierce beast is not going to hand over the treasure that has been guarded for hundreds of years to the mystery. So he opened two huge wings and the whole body was visible to the naked eye, and there was a surge of wind and airflow, which made the mysterious foot spirit sword shake like a leaf boat.
"Wait, we can discuss it. Guess what this is?" Said the mystery hand suddenly appeared a small porcelain way
What is it? Curiosity stops the fourth-order fierce beast from attacking.
Mystery also doesn’t sell the direct way, "This is the spirit liquid, which can accelerate the growth of the spirit plant. If you share this bottle of spirit liquid with me, it will belong to you. You must know that the spirit plant can grow again if it doesn’t destroy the roots. If you share it with me, you will definitely make a profit."
Smell speech fourth-order fierce beast shouted at mystery, which was very skeptical.
If there is such a convenient thing in the world, how can it stick to the purple sky and grass for hundreds of years? The fourth-order fierce beast suspects that the mystery is trying to routine it.
In the past, there was a monk who could not compete with the guardian spirit, so the fierce beasts chose to outsmart them. Because of their simple brains, they directly deceived the guardian spirit of the fierce beasts. The higher the strength, the more things the fierce beasts knew, and even the simple brains made them remember.
"If you don’t believe me, I can show you that this is a spiritual plant, and I planted it in the soil …" Mystery is on a high cliff at this time, and it is difficult to find soil, so I just made a palm-sized piece of soil in it and planted it in it.
After the seeds are covered with soil, the mystery pours the liquid into the earth. Just after being buried by the mystery, it quickly germinates and grows. Look straight at the scene of the fourth-order fierce beast.
Chapter 138 Chapter 130
Just as the mysterious figure is uncontrolled, it has been hanging on the mysterious waist like a delicate ornament.
See the green ghost tiptoe tap three Liang stepped on the mystery and jumped to a bulge on the cliff.
After getting out of danger, Qing Ming turned to the mystery and didn’t mean to rescue it.
Mystery to be green ghost gas smiled "how do you can’t cope with this wannabe, want to zhe insulation?"
"It’s not that I’m afraid you’ll dirty my clothes." Qing Ming said.
Speak mystery spirit sword back to the feet again, stop mystery body fall.
Such as mystery tiptoe just in front of the spirit sword steady suddenly hit a shadow that is the speed of the ghosting, fast to the mystery can see but not to be able to respond.
"I don’t care whether your sword is repaired or not, anyway, you will die today." A face of ferocious monks stretched out their arms and made a way to hold the mysterious neck.
Mystery frown light way "ugly"
"What did you say? You call me ugly! " A face of ferocious monk after hearing mystery face more ferocious disbelief way