This feeling is very subtle.

Although this is not the first time for her to receive an award on stage, it is the first time for her to sit face to face with her familiar teachers and classmates.
In such a familiar atmosphere, Xu Taotao is relaxed and deeply touched.
"I hope you will continue to work hard to be an organization that will live up to the expectations of your alma mater when you come to study and work!"
President Zhang solemnly handed the certificate to Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao also took the red certificate seriously and put it on her chest.
"Thank you, Principal"
President Zhang nodded, and the pleasant sound spread through the microphone to every teacher and student in the auditorium.
He joked that "Xu classmates don’t say a few words? Your younger brothers and sisters are all eagerly waiting. "
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-seven Introduce family members
Xu Taotao’s four-year university was compressed into one semester by her and she officially graduated today.
After coming to the graduation ceremony, she planned to make an appointment with her roommates to go to the state-run hotel for a meal, and also introduced Professor Gu to these little sisters.
"Taotao, you won’t leave the capital after graduation, will you?" Zhou Qiaoyue tugged at Xu Taotao sleeve and eagerly wanted an answer.
Xu Taotao held up three fingers. "I swear I won’t leave the capital even after graduation. I still have a master’s degree to study. How can I leave!"
Other little sisters "? You have to study for a master’s degree! "
Qindan several were stunned.
What kind of sewing exercises is this? I graduated from college for one semester and just graduated from college. I can say that Xu Taotao is too hard.
Xu Taotao suddenly remembered that she didn’t seem to have had this quarrel with her roommates
She smiled awkwardly. "I forgot to mention that. In fact, Professor Lin accepted me as early as the beginning. He is my master tutor, so I am still his younger brother."
Xu Taotao is full of pride.
She is quite happy when she knows what she has worshipped.
But her roommates don’t know.
On the contrary, Professor Gu is beside you. Although I don’t know what this Professor Gu came to see them with Taotao, but the internationally famous economist Professor Gu is beside you, you actually turn a blind eye and talk about your’ silent five’ teachers.
Is it not good to cough?
"Ahem!" Insider Qin Dan winked at Xu Taotao desperately.
Xu Taotao "? ?”
"Eyes uncomfortable? I still have eye drops. I’ll bring them to you later. "
QinDan black face ""you just eyes uncomfortable!
Watching all this, Professor Gu looked at a few little girls with a gentle smile on her lips. She was so elegant and modest.
It just doesn’t look like Professor Gao Lengzui!
Qin Dan, come on. The young couple don’t care at all. She cares so much. It’s just idle.
Without knowing it, the other five people are even more embarrassed.
Even if Zhou Qiaodan doesn’t look at it at ordinary times, he knows that there is a saying that’ peers are enemies’. Taotao brought Professor Gu and boasted about another professor.
I don’t know, it feels like telling it to Professor Gu on purpose.
Zhou Qiaodan privately wondered whether Taotao would want to recognize Professor Gu as a teacher, and Professor Guo Gu finally confiscated her.
Is Taotao deliberately retaliating with words now?
Just when everyone except Xu Taotao felt a little awkward and uncomfortable.
Xu Taotao patted his forehead and said, "I almost forgot to tell you something today."
Tang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and thought that this girl finally knew to change the subject. Before she wanted to finish this sentence, she listened to Xu Taotao and then said,
"I’d like to formally introduce Professor Gu, who has another identity besides being our economics teacher. He is my fiance."
"Click" One is that the dead branches are broken by one foot.
In addition to Qindan Wang Qiuhong, Tang Xiao, Zhou Qiaodan, Jiang Linlin and Chen Cheng, they were directly stupefied.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Arrangements for Cao Yanhua
Because of the couple’s arrogance, the last 33 dormitories followed them for a meal.
At the dinner table, Jiang Linlin, a chef from a state-owned hotel, suddenly said, "It would be nice to have two strings of chicken wings to eat."
Xu Taotao smiled. "Linlin told you good news or bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
How can Jiang Linlin understand this routine and decisively hook "good news?"
Professor Gu did see that her bad mind was to look at it with a smile and not say a word.
Xu Taotao smiled at Jiang Linlin and bent his eyes. "The good news is that the halogen fragrance really sells rice."
"Are you serious? ! Then we can eat today! "
"Ah, ah, ah, I’ve saved several pieces. Let’s go to eat horses!"
Jiang Linlin jumped three feet high and was as excited as if he had just come out of Wuzhishan, and the monkey was almost happy everywhere.
Xu Taotao is a little unwilling to bully honest children.
33 others are alert to the fraud, and they look at Jiang Linlin unconsciously with a little pity.
A table with Jiang Linlin unaware is still happy like a fool.
"The bad news is that" Xu Taotao deliberately paused when he saw Jiang Linlin’s curiosity, only to spit out a sentence "The staple food package will be officially opened for sale in genius"
And Jiang Linlin has confirmed that the train will go straight to her father’s station in the afternoon.
Perfect miss the opening day of Lu Xiangxiang staple food package.
Jiang linlin ""
"Ha ha ha ha! Hahahaha! "
Seeing Jiang Linlin’s unbelievable eyes wide open and then full of injuries, the good roommates laughed at each other.
Xu Taotao also endured the smile.
"Ah, ah, good, you peach, you are too bad!"
Jiang Linlin nu pursed mouth came to choke Xu Taotao.
Then Professor Gu made a move.