Su Zhi Mo left Su Shiyuan with a long sigh and leaned against the door panel.

This Qin Kai is really a bully. When Su Shiyuan Yu Nu didn’t go away, there was a splash of water in the bath bucket behind the screen.
Men’s clothes were wet with bath water, and their perfect muscles and lines were revealed the moment he stepped out of the bath bucket.
Su Shiyuan deliberately gently coughed to hide his embarrassment at the moment, and then wiped his face and then twisted the clothes.
"Luca brasi" Chu came to her and called for a moment. He quickly jumped into Su Shiyuan’s bath water and suppressed it for a while.
Su Shiyuan looked back, and the boy’s wet hair was naughty and sticky, and his handsome face was even more charming, but she really admired him for holding his breath.
"Why?" Su Shiyuan turned her head and asked her face with a suspicious blush. It seems that after what happened just now, most of her anger has disappeared. It’s wonderful. She doesn’t know what it is herself.
"Don’t be mad at me, okay? I will love you so much. "The man stretched out his hand and grabbed her sleeve, just like Su Shiyuan who begged for candy to eat children. He couldn’t help laughing.
"Yuaner, do you forgive me?" Chu Lin’s heart was a little excited with joy.
"I’ll forgive you for drinking a lot of bath water." Su Shiyuan looked carefully and it was quite pitiful that the male body water had wetted the surrounding ground.
"I am the best!" Chu Lin was so happy that he stretched out his long arm and wanted to hug her. Unexpectedly, Su Shiyuan dodged his warm embrace.
"I forgive you, but from today we are good friends and your clothes are wet. I’ll find some clean clothes for you. Wait!" Su Shiyuan’s words fell very flustered and ran inside.
Chu Lin breathed a sigh of relief that she could not be angry. Before, she was always a buddy, but after what happened to Lv Yanzhong, they couldn’t return to the original point.
She is jealous and her temper is very clear. Look at her eyes at the moment, and her lip angle extends with an intoxicating arc.
"Here, put it on quickly." Just as Chu was thinking, he saw Su Shiyuan coming out of the inner room holding a suit.
Chu Lin nodded and then took the suit and walked to the screen. After a burst of finely broken sound, the man slowly came out from behind the screen. Su Shiyuan heard the footsteps and turned around and laughed!
Chapter 83 Don’t mess with my woman
Chu Lin was so delighted to see her smile that she looked down at her dress. This suit is Su Shiyuan who goes out to wear men’s clothes on weekdays.
Su Shiyuan is already very tall among girls, and Nai Nan is taller. She wears this dress and barely wraps herself up. From a distance, it looks like a child’s clothes are small, and her calves and arms are exposed.
"No, no, I’ll call someone to get you a suit." Su Shiyuan tried to hold back her smile and almost endured a cramp in her stomach, but when she turned around, she still laughed a little unkind.
ChuLin pulled pull clothes pendulum saw her heart suddenly feel My Sweetie.
"It’s great to have nothing to do with Yuaner!" Su Shiyuan turned around and the moment the man reached out and grabbed her tender little hand, Su Shiyuan suddenly felt his heart beat faster and hurriedly pulled out his hand.
"That’s all right." In retrospect, Su Shiyuan felt that this anger was a bit puzzling. It must be because she didn’t sleep well recently.
Uh-huh, it must be so. Su Shiyuan thought sadly that it was a good thing that he didn’t say anything else.
"You are quick to go. They have seen your whereabouts tonight. I think Qin Kaicheng already knows that the black dress person is you. This is a blow to your power in the DPRK. Second, it is necessary to destroy my innocence. This engagement will be automatically lifted." Su Shiyuan had guessed that the result would be like this when she heard that the group of guards signed up.
He has always recognized himself as a passive Nuo Nuo, who can wish him great success without delaying him to marry more women. It is still tolerable to be ugly, but since she made an enemy with Qin Lingyu, that guy has been cruel and wants to eradicate her. Su Shiyuan is also like a mirror about this matter.
"I really like to tell that Qin Kai face to face and leave my woman alone!" There is cold light in Qin Kaichu’s eyes like a deep pool, and the tone is also cold.
In the heart of Chu, I secretly count the days to bully him, Luca brasi, and all of them will be doubled back!
"hey! If you do this again, we won’t get along. "Su Shiyuan poked his exposed little arm and looked up at him with some red face.
Chu Lin was really amused by her little appearance. She stretched out her hand and scratched her nose. Then she jumped to the window and stretched out her hand and hit Su Shiyuan. The lock inside the window was sealed. A flicker jumped from the house to the outside.
Chu Lin recalled his lip angle and blinked at him, then disappeared into the dark night.
Khan Didi is still a guy who likes to play handsome!
Su Shiyuan looked at the window with her arm in her arms. It’s not right! She didn’t say she wouldn’t give him the door, either. As the saying goes, what is a door that doesn’t take the door and jumps out of the window?
Ahem, it seems that he has contracted this jumping over the wall.
Some people are in a good mood and others are in a bad mood. After returning to the residence of Chu from the palace, Lv Yanzhong said nothing. Lv Yuzhang knew that she must be too sad to bear to complain about anything.
"Princess, don’t be sad. There are many outstanding men who are not worth it." Lv Yanzhong’s personal servant girl came over with a bowl of ginseng soup and was overturned by Lv Yanzhong before she put it on the table!
"Don’t you dare say that again, or I’ll tear your mouth off!" In Lv Yanzhong’s slender eyes, generate was angry, and the little girl was scared out of her wits without saying anything.
It seems that she really loves it badly. That’s not the case before the Prince of Chu came! The girl slapped her mouth and thought that her cheeks were swollen high.
"He has a will. He has a will. Who is so blessed?" Lv Yanzhong sat back in the chair only late. It seems that the whole person has lost weight for a circle. In my heart, I keep guessing who Chu Lin is watching.
After last night’s thrilling experience in the Prime Minister’s mansion, everything was calm again.
Su Shiyuan had a good night’s sleep, and was surprised to find that the sun was even better today than usual. Su Shiyuan turned over and smelled the aroma of soybean milk and pasta.
"Is the princess awake?" Xianer put the tray in his hand on the table and noticed that Su Shiyuan had turned over and leaned over to look at her side.
Su Shiyuan raised his arm and put it on the bright forehead. The long eyelashes trembled slightly for a few times, and then he turned over and hugged and refused to let go.
"It’s time to go back to the country," Xianer replied.