"I’m going to scare me. Now it’s cool, dead old woman. Let you taste the little master!" See Wang Po trapped Yan Yan than proudly ran back to the former place to pick up the sniper rifle and walked beside the trapped Wang Po than obscene to aim the gun at Wang Po’s chest.

But in an instant, when the ice crystals around Wang Po were directly melted by her horrible qi, they were hotter than the qi was fierce at Yan Yan’s chest, and Yan Yan’s eyes were wide and dark. "Mom, how can this wife be so tough when I play with fat? He froze me for three minutes without alternating seasons. Am I not even as good as this wife?"
Hot than firm but gentle watch is about to shoot ~ When Yan Yan took his life in the chest, he kicked in Yan Yan’s crotch and Yan Yan’s body flew up instantly to avoid a fatal blow from Wang Po.
"Ow ow! !” Strictly speaking, people don’t scream all over the battlefield. Everyone feels chrysanthemum after hearing this scream. There is a chilling feeling in the heart.
"I am so fat that you kick me here again. You fucking want to get back at me, don’t you?" Yan Yan fell to the ground with a face of pain to the extreme, his face turned red and his cold sweat kept falling. The whole person knelt on the ground and reached the point where the law moved, but his eyes flashed with pride.
"After the trip, fat brother, I won’t save you and let you die!" Fat intensely staring at the alternation of four seasons in Wang Po. Although Wang Po broke the extremely cold winter night, the rainy spring has just begun!
The seasons alternate. Chapter 2: Spring rains start!
The ice melts into water and raindrops. There is a meter of Fiona Fang black clouds suspended at half a meter high above Wang Po’s head. The fingers are thick and the thunder seems to have eyes and constantly bombards Wang Po. No matter how Wang Po dodges, it is better than avoiding the thunder attack.
Although the power of thunder is not great, it has a paralyzing effect, which makes Wang Po’s moving speed and attack speed slower and slower. A little drizzle begins to fall, although it looks like a spring rain.
However, raindrops are as sharp as real shock wave, which instantly pierces Wang Po’s skin and rushes into the meridians of Wang Po, destroying the physical function of the old woman.
"Four Seasons Sword Song Four Seasons Alternation is not as overbearing as the Five Elements Great Cycle, but it is definitely not underestimated, and the true qi consumption is at most one quarter of the Five Elements Great Cycle." This move of four seasons alternation is very different from the original one.
Fat comprehends that the four seasons alternate and give full play to their multi-attribute true qi advantages. Although the power of other attributes is not as strong as that of Wang Gang, it is definitely not weak and the consumption of true qi is also reduced a lot!
Just as Fat is about to start the alternation of seasons, in Chapter 3, when the earth is roasting, a black stone appears in Wang Po’s feet, kneeling on the side, and quietly withdrawing his outstretched hand. Although he is still full of pain, he is still crying, but his eyes are proud. At least nine out of ten people can see it if he deliberately lowers his head to cover up his words.
At this time, a horror than firm but gentle flew from the ship and landed in front of the fat, hitting the battleship and leaving a deep hole on the battleship deck.
A short shadow leapt from the edge of the warship like a phantom and instantly stood in front of the fat. Fat is more dignified than staring at the shadow, and even Wang Po, who is dying in his hand, is too lazy to care.
"herding sheep baby!" A scream comes out of the mouth of the fat and Wang Po can’t believe it. In the eyes, the face is red and the face is normal than the face is painful. The look disappears and the action is faster than the instant.
"I ~ stung your egg, didn’t it hurt?" Although the strong enemy is fat before, I still can’t help but ask 1 to be continued.
Chapter 17 I just said don’t take it seriously.
"What thing hurts? What will hurt me? I really don’t hurt! " Yan Yan said with a smug face, then glanced at Fat insidious smile and said, "Does your feet hurt?"
The fat monk was puzzled by the harsh words, but when he was asked by the harsh words, he suddenly felt some pain in his crotch and right foot. "Hey, my feet really hurt. How do you know?"
Yan Yan hey hey smiled. "The toughness and hardness of the steel on the battleship deck are the top materials. If you don’t ask me, it will definitely hurt to give me a foot directly."
See fat or a confused look. Strictly speaking, it’s obscene. Compared with fat, I squeezed my eyes and untied my belt. I took off my pants directly in front of three people.
"I ~ Yan Yan, you are really enough!" I saw something inside my pants, and my fat eyes bulged out, pointing to Yan Yan, and I really didn’t know what to say.
Even the shepherd boy and Wang Po are absolutely rational, and they are almost vomiting blood by wearing their pants.
Seeing that everyone is white, Yan Yan said slowly and proudly, "Every time it’s either blowing my chrysanthemum or kicking my balls, who will try it now and never resist!"
"I suffered several times in the world where the wolf came, and I was recruited many times in the virtual world. But I want to be the greatest artist. How can a man repeat the same mistakes? I especially spent a lot of money on making these pants in a clothing store." Yan Yan’s face showed a dreary expression when he said that he spent a lot of money.
"See who can let me suffer after hey hey! Sorry about the fat! I really didn’t mean to hurt your foot! "
Fat looked at his bleeding right foot in looked at the proud yan heart than indignation "nima you this dead change ~ state actually make battleship deck steel to make pants and there are barbs outside you are deliberately pit me, aren’t you? After the fat brother I no longer care about you, even if you die in front of me, I will never save you. "
"Changing the state is really changing the state!" Even the shepherd boy was right after seeing Yan Yan ~ pants.
"When I said herding sheep, do you know that you can come to the virtual world because we are raiders and wolves are coming to the world? It’s not interesting to change state as soon as we meet."
"I’m the chosen one, and I’m the sharpening stone for players. Remember the name God gave me, and remember that I killed you!" Shepherd’s voice doesn’t have a trace of emotion. Raise your hand gently and the horror will be shot out than the firm but gentle one.
Yan Yan was dumbfounded after hearing the words of herding sheep. "I ~ are you serious?" I lied to you when I said you were destined to be chosen by god. Are you that stupid? Is this serious? "
"The protagonist in the era of God’s selection is God’s mission and God’s glory!"
"What? What are you talking about? I’m fucking talking nonsense. You really believe me? Don’t take it seriously. I said it for fun! Wait, you mean God told you? " Yan Yan’s eyes almost fell to the ground. The so-called destiny, the so-called god’s choice, was just a trick to let the shepherd boy relax his vigilance and take the shepherd boy to the headquarters building to teach the shepherd boy a lie!
But the shepherd boy said it was given to him by God!
"How is it possible how is it possible! This is even more nonsense than I can shoot love movies, and it is even more unreliable than my hidden rules. How can things happen? "
"Remember my name, remember my story, I am a wolf, the protagonist of the world, and God gave me a name. You died in my hands!" The horror in the shepherd’s hand is better than the shock wave, which is instantly stimulated by him and shot out without hesitation in the strict direction.
The true qi contained in a single firm but gentle wave is more powerful than all the true qi in strict words.
But by this horror than the true qi to sternly but don’t panic look face smile more satisfied "go to hell! Even if you are destiny, even if you are the chosen one, go to hell! "
After a loud roar, I kicked my fat body in vain and said that my speed was not slow and I jumped from the ship’s rail instantly.
Boom! ! !
Just jumped like an original bomb exploded, and the horror came out from the deck than the explosion. The battleship deck split into pieces in an instant, and the terrorist fire was tens of meters high.
Terror and high temperature will directly melt the battleship deck. Fat and Yan Yan are exposed to the water. The temperature of the sea around the warship is rising. If Yan Yan knew that the power would have swam to other warships, it is estimated that the two would be cooked by boiling sea water in an instant.
Fat was full of doubts. When the battleship came out with Yan Yan hundreds of meters away, I just wanted to ask Yan Yan about the situation. When the warship exploded again, it was deafening.
The warship with a length of more than 300 meters was instantly broken into two pieces in a loud noise, and the whole warship was directly wrapped in the hot temperature, and everything that could burn in the warship was turned into fire fuel.
"This old see you die! Dog ~ day shepherd boy is happy now, isn’t it? I won’t let you die several times. Can you give up? It’s better to let you taste it lightly this time! Damn bear child! " Swearing and swearing are full of intrigue and excitement.
"What’s the matter with Yan Yan?" Fat, you can’t resist asking questions in your heart.
"Didn’t you see that the great artist Yan Yan killed the powerful shepherd without starting work? It’s as simple as that!" Proud than proud, written in a stern face
See fat that will eat people eyes sternly scalp pins and needles explained "fat calm! Be calm. I pretend to be hurt by you. That’s because I saw the shepherd boy coming towards us! "
"Then I quietly got a B1 remote-controlled bomb and put it on the warship deck. I calculated that it happened to be in the warship oil depot! The previous explosion was an explosion after I designed it. I guess it was because the ammunition depot was on fire. Do you think it was very simple? "
B1 bomb is a kind of terror developed by China, which is more lethal than the bomb, but it was produced in the 1970s because of its amazing lethality and not in the war years. It has been hidden in the snow, and this time it was taken out by the emperor and put on the team battlefield, which is the power of experimental explosives!
"No wonder! If it is B1, it is estimated that even the shepherd baby will not live! " Fat finally came in vain after listening to Yan Yan’s explanation
At this time, Yan Yan avoided the fat eyes and reported to Hu Bing through the battlefield command system. "According to the instructions, it has been completed perfectly! Please reach a step instruction! " to be continued
Chapter 173 Yan Yan Road Art
"Well, there is no problem in the calculation of the staff group. The power of B1 bomb can really blow through the deck to ignite the warship oil depot and detonate the warship ammunition depot. According to the estimated power of the staff group, although it is not small, it should completely kill the shepherd boy and wait for the player’s master team to come around and kill the shepherd boy!"
Hu Bingyin’s voice was full of excitement. According to his estimation and that of the staff, it would be easy for him to kill the shepherd boy and other villagers and animals.
"Fat now knows that I am smart. Calculate the position of the deck oil depot. Unconsciously, I led the shepherd boy and his wife around B1, and unconsciously pulled you to the edge of the warship. If it weren’t for me, you would definitely die in the terrorist power of B1 explosion." Yan Yan said with a smug face, as if everything was planned by him.
"Can you still be ashamed?" Fat language looks endless, and harsh words are more contemptuous.
"What did you say? If it weren’t for my intelligence … "Yan Yan DengYuan eyes staring at fat but words haven’t finished was interrupted by fat.
"Just in the battlefield command system, you have been published in detail. The position is calculated by the staff group. When the shepherd boy arrived, it was also estimated by the staff group, and you just acted according to the arrangement of the staff group."
"Don’t talk about yourself as a child prodigy and still tell me what you are!" Fat very language said
Being fat, even if Yan Yan is as thick-skinned as a wall, some people are embarrassed to change the subject in the direction of warship explosion. "Fat, how strong do you say that the shepherd is now? According to the staff group’s speculation, the terror can’t kill him than the explosion."
Being a friend of Yan Yan naturally knows that Yan Yan is changing the subject to cover up the embarrassment. He especially doesn’t want to continue to expose the lie before Yan Yan’s face. It is also because Fat thinks that if Yan Yan continues like this, it is likely to violate the rules of the player’s manual.
"Strictly remember that I don’t want you to go to hell one day to taste the fire of hell!" After that, Fat took the stern words, "Look at the goatherd baby’s true spirit and his ability to make it last. I estimate that he has now reached the peak of the realm of releasing true spirit, that is, he can achieve the innate realm and enjoy a life span of three years!"
"And it’s simple but extremely effective to watch the herding baby. The lethality is amazing. It’s not long before the herding baby comes. I estimate that the herding baby will be blessed with unbeaten fighting wisdom."
"That is to say, if we hadn’t just played it by ear, we would have died in the hands of the shepherd!" Fat face is very dignified, but the fighting spirit has not been weakened by the strength of the shepherd boy.
"That said, even if we all reincarnation come over and have what place? It’ s not the same to send food to the sheep baby! "
"No, we still have a chance. I have a trick that needs a lot of people’s strength to make it work. Someone needs to stall the shepherd. My trick can definitely kill the shepherd." I said that my unique trick is fat and my eyes are shining.