Fox clan sensitive attack soul beast is not bad, but that’s all. Compared with their jade swan clan, there is still some distance.

But why does she feel oppressed? Brigitte was puzzled and silently studied the person in front of her.
The more she looked at it, the more familiar she felt.
Isn’t that Kyubi no Youko tian hu, the long-lost royal blood of the fox family? Only Kyubi no Youko and tian hu can have such blood pressure, because now the tian hu clan patriarch is far from being able to suppress her, and only Kyubi no Youko and tian hu can have such pressure.
Kyubi no Youko and tian hu have disappeared for almost 500 thousand years among the tian hu people, but I didn’t expect to see them here.
"Kyubi no Youko tian hu? Sort of. "Listen to Brigitte Zhao Leng Leng.
Tu Shan Yaya is a fox in Kyubi no Youko and a star-studded forest in Kyubi no Youko and tian hu, but one is a monster and the other is a soul beast.
After hearing Zhao’s reply, Brigitte slowly calmed down the shock in her heart. After all, it’s lived in front of her. I don’t know that it’s no big deal to have a wife and concubine in Kyubi no Youko and tian hu around the powerful fierce beast for millions of years.
"It’s time to find a way to try elegant strength," Zhao read in his heart. He now wants to know what is the absolute degree of elegance in Tu Shan. Absolute degree represents the lowest temperature of thermodynamics on the earth, which is also called the theoretical minimum. However, Douro continent is not a fox demon interface, and the elegant ice certainly has not reached its limit.
"Let me try her strength, my Lord." Perhaps I saw Zhao’s idea, Brigitte said
"All right," said Zhao, as soon as his eyes lit up, there was a ready-made thug beside him. But also through their fight, you can get Yaya’s situation through Brigitte.
"Yaya, you attack her." Zhao directly reached the attack order.
"Yes" Tu Shan Yaya should have looked up at Brigitte’s foot and slammed it towards Brigitte.
Looking at Tu Shan Yaya’s attack on Brigitte, I have some doubts. Aren’t all tian hu people sensitive to attack? Why does she seem to be storming?
Slowly raised his hand, a green light attached to the face, Brigitte easily blocked Tu Shan’s Yaya attack, while Tu Shan Yaya suddenly retreated more than ten steps, but the puppet could not feel the pain and was repelled by Brigitte, and she quickly rushed away.
Beaten off easily by Bridget several times, she began to really work hard.
The black demon pupil directly turned into a red demon, and it was released out of control. The surrounding cold pervaded around her in the far north, and the cold temperature was still falling. Dozens of ice swords condensed in front of her, and then quickly shot at Brigitte to feel the chill. Zhao Xin had a measure, and the attribute of Yaya ice should be less to reach the extreme ice level.
This level of attack is a natural thing for Brigitte, and a green light flashes across Yaya Bingjian, which is answered by Brigitte, but the color in Brigitte’s eyes is getting stronger and stronger.
After all, Brigitte won’t really fight Yaya, but Zhao showed a strange expression.
This soul power consumption is faster than running water. In just a few minutes, his soul power consumption is about one third, which is a bit scary!
This is just a puppet. If Fire Succuba is summoned, it will consume faster.
"Stop it." After watching for a while, Zhao stopped Tu Shan Yaya.
"My Lord, her strength should be comparable now, far beyond the realm of human soul." Brigitte thought for a moment and said.
Soul-respecting realm? Zhao’s 21-level soul force should be considered good for Tu Shan Yaya to play a comparable soul power. If Yaya makes the best hip flask, it should be stronger. Then it should be able to compete with some medium-strength soul power.
"But adult Kyubi no Youko tian hu should not be control and sensitive attack? What, she is a storm and still has the ultimate ice property? "
"What’s the fuss about? The species of foxes are different. Yaya, she’s an Arctic fox. Of course, she’s different from you. Stay with me after the big forest fox. Don’t make such a fuss, you know?"
Thank you for not being mature enough. Life is like this in 1888. The butterfly will fall in November, and it will be better to reward it with 1 yuan later.
Chapter 53 I want Comrade Xiao Yan to clear his name.
In the Far North, things have come to an end. Zhao and Brigitte left the Far North directly, and later they became ghosts. I wonder if what happened here will attract two guys, Bing Di and Xue Di.
With the previous experience, they quickly left the Far North and came to the nearest ideal city Arctic Ice City to rest. These days, they have been traveling in the Far North, which is terrible.
Imagine that the sky is white, and there are almost no other colors on the ground. In this environment, I am afraid that obsessive-compulsive disorder can suffocate.
However, Zhao Ke was not in the mood to go shopping and went to the hotel directly. However, Brigitte was more interested in the human world and walked around. Zhao knew that she might be curious about this place and was not stingy. She directly gave her hundreds of gold soul coins, which was enough for her to buy all kinds of gadgets here at will.
Host Zhao
Soul power level 1
Wu Soul Puppet, Ancient Immortal Bird
Soul bone
Puppet Fire Succuba (vitality 63) Tu Shan Yaya vitality 1
Sign in for temporary release
Kill Tang San of Destiny (unlimited)
After leaving from the Far North, Zhao found that Fire Succuba’s vitality has reached more than 60, and Fire Succuba’s vitality soared because of the dream that ice silkworm’s spirit was instilled in Fire Succuba. Zhao once asked about the system. According to him, Fire Succuba’s current situation is equivalent to a vegetative state.
Although the mind has recovered, the body is in a deep sleep.
According to the unified explanation, generally speaking, puppet awakening is to revive the body’s various functions first, and then to slowly revive the mind. However, Fire Succuba is just the opposite, because the spirit of heavenly dreams forcibly stimulated Fire Succuba’s soul to revive, which led to this state.
Release Fire Succuba.
Zhao can obviously find that Fire Succuba is different from before, and you can see from his face that his skin is white and red, and his eyes are more agile.
"Didn’t you say that after the vitality reaches 20, there can be a shortcut to quickly increase the puppet vitality? Tell me quickly. "
"Well, there is indeed a way to improve the vitality of the puppet, and that is to nourish her body," Tong vowed.
"What? What are you talking about? " Zhao can’t help but stare big eyes.
"Keep your body healthy."
"Poof aggregates to keep the body? I can’t do that, and isn’t this the patent of Xiao Mou next door? Although I like it very much, I, Zhao, have always been aboveboard. How can I take advantage of someone’s danger? But also take advantage of their puppet danger I don’t do it. Does Zhao do these things? "Looked at Fire Succuba’s wonderful body. Zhao swallowed his mouth and threw his head aside and said firmly.
"Ding Congratulations to the host for successfully activating the body for Yan Ling Ji Yun"
"Reward a mysterious achievement method"
As soon as Zhao’s voice fell, he came.
"I suddenly feel that I may have been a little hasty just now," Zhao gently coughed, "but what should I do to keep my body healthy? I’m not Xiao. How do I know how to nourish my body? "
"I’m going to learn if I can’t. I have precious details of Xiao’s health for Gu. I think it’s necessary for the host to study deeply."
What? You can get this thing out? Zhao can’t help but stare big eyes.
Soon it was a thrill.
In the past life, this bridge between ZSZSZSZ and Gu Xuner caused great controversy, and the process of ZSZSZSZ nurturing Xuner’s body was misinterpreted by thousands of netizens.
Today, Zhao will clear Comrade Xiao Yan’s name!
He believe that comrade Xiao Yan is innocent! Comrade Xiao Yan must have cherished a lofty ideal of saving Kaoru from fire and water, regardless of his own name, to nourish Kaoru!
There is a video card today, and I want Comrade Xiao Yan to clear his name!
With a burst of mysterious information handed to Zhao’s mind, Zhao felt all this carefully and so on. Why do you feel so shy? Is it wrong to open it from time to time?
"What the hell are you doing?" Zhao couldn’t help but turn black after he quickly figured out the problem.