Dalba and King Gen of Jinlunfa don’t know what happened.

"Huo Dou, what’s the matter with you?" Jinlun French king hurriedly asked
But Huo Dou has fallen into a coma and can’t answer him.
Dalba is coming to Ulrich and wants to catch Ulrich just like Huo Dou.
Chen Yan sat in the plush chair and didn’t move, but he did it manually!
When King Jinlun saw that Elham’s hand flashed, Dalba, like Huo Dou, fell to the ground and fell into a coma.
Chen Yan shot without a trace of fireworks, so fast that he could not see clearly when practicing the golden wheel method. Chen Yan didn’t cause any vibration when he shot.
Arguably, the faster the speed, the greater the movement is, and the faster the Falun Fa Wang moves, and sometimes he can play sonic booms, but he can never do it as fast as Yan Yan, and he is very strange.
Dalba?’ King jinlun shouted
"Mr. Chen, you killed two of my disciples?"
Jinlun French king’s eyes stared at Chen Yanleng with his shirt off and asked
Chen Yan said calmly, "I don’t kill people unless someone threatens my life. I will kill people or people who are full of crimes. To tell the truth, Dalba and Huo Dou are not worth my pain. I ordered their acupoints to let them sleep for a while."
King Jinlun forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart, took a deep breath and folded his hands and said, "The Buddhist was mistaken. It turns out that Li Zhe is a master and Mr. Chen is a truly peerless strong man. If I didn’t guess wrong, Li Zhe’s martial arts was given by Mr. Chen!"
There is nothing to hide about it.
Chen Yan nodded. "Yes, I taught Li Zhe martial arts when he was studying in a private school, but Li Zhe practiced hard qigong and raised my swordsmanship after he left the private school. Do you still want to force me to be a guest in Mongolia?"
King Jinlun said, "I know I’m not sure to invite Mr. Chen to visit the Mongolian grassland, but I still want to see Mr. Chen’s martial arts!"
Every fighter is eager for an opponent.
King Jinlun knows that he is no match for Chen Yan, but he still wants to see how powerful Chen Yan is.
It’s not easy for a strong man like Chen Yan to meet someone who doesn’t know his martial arts. The Falun Fa King will never be willing to do so.
Chen Yan cold way "golden wheel buddhist are you sure you want to see a martial arts! Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? "
King Jinlun said, "Of course I’m afraid, but I still want to see Mr. Chen’s unparalleled martial arts."
Chen Yan suddenly asked a seemingly irrelevant question, "Did you kill anyone when you came to Dasong?"
King Jinlun of France said one leng, "I came to Dasong on the orders of Khan to invite Mr. Chen to visit Mongolia, but not to kill people. When I came to Dasong, we didn’t kill anyone."
Sun Yan stared at the eyes of King Jinlun.
It is almost impossible for the Falun Fa King to lie in front of him unless his psychological quality is stronger than that of Chenyan.
King jinlun’s eyes told Chen Yan that he was not lying.
Chen Yan nodded and said, "It’s good not to kill anyone, but I hope you won’t regret it after seeing my martial arts!"
King Jinlun said, "Never regret it."
"Good," Chen Yan shouted. "Then take it!"
Chen Yan got up and showed his posture. He suddenly came to King Jinlun like a teleport.
Chen Yan hit an eagle claw fist and grabbed it at the top of the head of King Jinlun.
King Jinlun feels that the whole world has become dark. Chen Yan’s claws are like the claws of an ancient fierce beast, tearing and grasping at himself.
Fight back?
Run away?
Can’t even do it
Even some so-called struggles can’t be done.
King jinlun’s mind is not good, and negative emotions broke out in his heart.
Despair and fear filled the whole heart of King Jinlun.
live and die
There is great terror!
King jinlun regretted it.
What did he regret that he had to see Chen Yan’s martial arts? It’s easy for Chen Yan’s martial arts to kill himself.
This is your own death.
King jinlun’s eyes lost their spirits.
He was desperate.
He’s waiting for this beautiful claw of Ulrich.
But when King Jinlun came to his senses, Chen Yan sat in a plush chair and drank tea as if he had not moved.
Elgin’s spiritual realm combined with eagle claw boxing can already affect the spirit of King Jinlun, who just felt that the whole world was dark, but the spirit was shocked by Elgin’s momentum and produced hallucinations.
As soon as King Jinlun knelt on the floor, he was sweating like rain. Just now, he felt that he had gone to the Temple of Hades.
King Jinlun didn’t dare to look at Elwyn. His eyes were filled with horror and fear.
At King Jinlun, Ulrich shook his head secretly. King Jinlun’s bravery was aborted by himself.
Although his fist didn’t reach him, the effect is the same. If King Jinlun can’t dispel his fears, he will not grow any more in his life and will go backwards.
Physical trauma is easy to repair, but mental trauma is not so easy to repair.