Long Cang slightly raised eyebrows and saw Su Mo with great meaning.

It is not surprising that he could see that the elders of the witch clan could think of this place at the beginning.
Elder Scorpion said, "This is the Dragon Skeleton Valley. We all know what kind of stupidity it will be for a dragon to make moves! Young master, is he crazy and wants to die himself? "
"The dragon is not trying to prevaricate with such an absurd statement, is it?"
The four elders of Candle Dragon took a deep breath and said, "Although ridiculous, many dragon fields were clearly seen at that time."
"I will believe this?"
Elder Scorpion sneered, "This is equivalent to telling me that my young master came to your Dragon Skeleton Valley to commit suicide!"
"We are also reasonable people with the nine fierce families."
Elder Scorpion said lightly, "I’d like to ask you, you little dragon lords died in vain when you went to our ghost curse cemetery. Will you let it go?"
Five pulse dragon elders glances at each other without speaking.
Elder Canglong thoughtfully said a little, "Elder Scorpion, it’s over, and there won’t be any result. How do you want to say it?"
"My young master is naturally asking the murderer to die in blood out!"
Scorpion elders said slowly
"This is impossible!"
The four elders of Candle Dragon categorically denied it.
Elder Scorpion grinned a few solitary yellow teeth and said, "Our young master has fallen, so you dragons have given in!"
"If the young master dies, even hundreds of millions of creatures will be buried outside!"
The four elders of Candle Dragon shook their heads and said, "Don’t even think about it. The dragon candle is my Candle dragon bloodline. The Lord will never pay for you!"
The whole process Su Mo looked on coldly.
He has no chance to speak as a dragon junior.
From the beginning to the end, the four elders of the candle dragon protected him, and the elders of the scorpion were tit for tat!
"That’s funny."
Elder Scorpion glanced at Su Mo’s anger and sniffed it with a smile. "If I didn’t smell this dragon candle and dragon blood root wrong, it wouldn’t be pure!"
Five pulse dragon elders look slightly changed.
This is indeed a fact.
Up to now, Su Mo has returned to the law to conjure up a complete dragon body!
Elder Scorpion said, "The Dragon has fallen so low that a descendant with impure blood has taken the position of young master!"
This sentence said five pulse dragon face are ugly.
Long Zhong, the elder of Qiu Dragon, snorted coldly. "That’s a matter of Candle dragon’s pulse. We other four-pulse dragons don’t have this situation!"
"So what’s wrong with a descendant with impure blood giving my young master a life?"
Elder Scorpion asked, "How come you Candle dragon are so serious about this legacy?"
The elders of Canglong, Yinglong and Qilong didn’t speak.
Normally, it is absolutely worthwhile to eliminate this conflict if a dragon remains in exchange for the friendship of the witch.
But this dragon legacy is a little different.
First of all, he is a young master of Candle dragon.
He is still the first in the list of hidden dragons!
The most important thing is that whether Candle dragon values this compromise depends on Candle dragon’s meaning.
All the elders of these three veins didn’t speak.
Long Zhong, the elder of Qiu Dragon, has some conation. "I want to say …"
The four elders of the candle dragon have seen what the dragon bell is thinking and directly rejected it before he finished.
"What compensation conditions the witch clan wants can be discussed, but it is impossible for him to die because he is one of my main veins in Candle dragon!"
The four elders of Candle Dragon have a firm tone and no doubt!
The situation is deadlocked
Scorpion elders face also thoroughly gloomy.
Long Cang eventually didn’t speak.
It’s not that he is not qualified
He has five claws and dragon veins, and he can sit in this hall with almost five veins of elders side by side!
He didn’t speak because he didn’t recognize the scorpion elders’ meeting in his heart.