If he has fallen, a black wizard will be more cautious. Lalfa was a great god magician in Gambistin, and you didn’t know that he was best at prophecy.

This kind of person’s foresight of danger far exceeds that of ordinary great god magicians. At that time, I didn’t know whether he had fled here or remained here.
But I know very well that if I secretly stare at the Chinese boss here and wait for him to appear, he will definitely not appear, even if I stare at the Chinese boss for a generation. "
Hua Zhen was a little dissatisfied. "Mr. Yue, it seems that you are going to bait this person out?"
About Gao Le primly said, "No, no, no, you’re wrong. If this is an unsolved case, it’s already solved. We can stroke the clue from the beginning."
Pastor Petty has always been in Wago Mining. He was here before you came, and no one knew that he was Larfa, the missing great god magician in Gambistine, and no one knew that there was still a black wizard hiding here.
I didn’t ask you to come here, but you came to the new alliance to liberate the cause. It was not my idea to let the boss of China pretend to be Walich, but the boss of China decided to do it himself.
Boss Hua used the illusion to disturb Lalfa, so he hid, but Yangyuan Valley also has talents. You are so secretive that you found traces of the remaining array in Wago City.
Lalfa has wiped the clues clean. It is said that you can’t find his head at all. As a result, you launched grassroots organizations to conduct interviews and investigations, but you still suspected Pastor Patty.
I want to emphasize that I didn’t bring all the consequences. I just felt that boss Hua would be in danger, and he came to wake up with kindness yesterday.
Larfa has been here for a long time, and he is as dangerous as those gangsters in the liberation cause of your new alliance. I’m afraid the boss of China never thought that he could realize all his ideals at any cost. "
It’s reasonable to say this. Hua Zhen nodded and glanced at the corner. "You said this man is proficient in divination. Why didn’t he predict himself today?"
About Gao Le poured himself a glass of wine, but didn’t drink it. Looking at the unfinished hops in the cup, he said, "It’s impossible to predict everything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to hide if he was at a disadvantage."
I think he should have predicted that the Chinese boss would pose a threat to himself and secretly observed that the Chinese boss made his own judgment before he wanted to accept the Chinese boss to eliminate the threat.
Having said that, I’m still curious about one thing. How did Boss Hua know that he was the Great God Larfa? "
This is a bit unreasonable. Yesterday, Yue Gao Le told a story to Hua Zhenxing in a small talk. Five years ago, a great god magician named Lalfa, who was searching for a black magician, disappeared in the Black Wilderness in Gambistine.
However, Hua Zhenxing is looking for someone who has been hiding in Wage Mining for the past three years. When he appeared, Pastor Lalfa was also Pastor Patty. Hua Zhen Bank called him Mr. Patty in person. Lalfa did not deny it.
It seems that the two men can’t hit the pole, but Hua Zhenxing immediately called Yogoro to tell him that he had caught the fallen black magician Larfa.
After Yue Gaole arrived, he didn’t deny it. It seems that Hua Zhenxing was right. So how did you know about Hua Zhen? Larfa himself didn’t admit this identity!
Hua Zhen trip "If I say guess you believe it or not?"
Yue Gaole finally drank the wine that had been shaking for a long time and put it on the glass. "I believe you have guessed it. I want to know how you guessed it?"
Hua Zhen line "great god surgeon is not Chinese cabbage disappear and then suddenly can come out! Just a few miles away from the country, a great god craftsman once disappeared, and it is doubtful that another body has emerged here today. "
About Gao Le "is not unreasonable, but it is too far-fetched and the evidence is not enough."
Hua Zhen’s trip "I took the illusion to pretend to be Walich, but when I first came here, I was seen through by him. I didn’t even realize this person at that time."
You told me that Lal Fagan Bistin was a teacher of ancient prose, and he taught ancient prose illusion, so he naturally had something to see through my illusion.
More importantly, you sent me the information about Pastor Patty. I just read it before I went back to my apartment. I found that this person is not Pastor Patty, at least not the original Pastor Patty. He took this identity. "
Joko finally glanced at the corner and asked curiously, "How did you find out that he didn’t look like the photo?"
Hua Zhen trip "is not like it, but like it. It’s so like it! You sent me a photo of Patty ten years ago and a video of his graduation ceremony.
Wago Mining also has photos of him when he joined the company, and then I met someone who has lived in Wago City for ten years. How can his appearance remain unchanged or so young?
I know a little magic called plastic surgery, which can change one’s appearance in a short time and make plastic surgery for a long time. One consequence is that one’s real appearance will change and get closer and closer to one’s fake appearance.
I doubt that this great god magician should have mastered similar means. We see that Lalfa should have used this spell for a long time, and it turns out that he really looks like he is pretending to be Pastor Patty.
According to my guess, Lalfa met Pastor Patty in the Black Land, and he thought it would be more comfortable to change his identity. The real Pastor Patty may be unfortunate, but now he has been buried and all the documents have been taken away by Lalfa.
Lalfa is proficient in illusion. It is simple to pretend to be another person, but it is always troublesome and easy to be seen through.
So he did something similar to plastic surgery, and his appearance gradually became like this. I guess he took a fancy to this person and pretended to be the other person when he was close to the real Pastor Patty.
I was suspicious at that time, so I said the name of the ancient Chinese prose-Tegorod, and he was surprised. Obviously, I only said that when I heard the name, and you finally confirmed it for me! "
Joko high-fived, "Wonderful reasoning and judgment process!"
Hua Zhen trip "Don’t take care to clap your hands. Now that you have confirmed this person’s identity, can you tell me what’s going on?"
About Gao Le, "I can also infer what happened after you made people like this. Boss Hua, do you know what I want to learn from you and want to promote it in Gambistin?"
Hua Zhen trip "has anything to do with this matter?"
About Gao Le "Of course! Many theologians in Gambistine are too eager for magical power, and sometimes this pursuit is also very harmful to themselves, in other words, there is a lack of health care.
Larfa is proficient in divination, but the result of frequent divination is to pay the price of losing vitality, even though he is already a great god.
He disappeared when he was chasing a black wizard, but I didn’t tell you yesterday that the black wizard was actually a Gambyshire theologian named Ge, a special agency worker.
This special department, even in Gambies Court, many people have never heard of it. It is called the Fire Department of Dark Magic. I don’t know how to translate it into Eastern language. This title should be the most appropriate.
Gambistin is committed to destroying the black wizard. All black magic classics are forbidden and the theory must be destroyed. However, to deal with the enemy, we need to know the enemy. If we want to destroy the black wizard, we need to know the black wizard’s means.