Dian Wei shed tears in Dian Wei, which means to let Xu Chu step on his feet and then let him jump.

Dian Wei roared, "You are naked and naked to rob the work!"
Xu Chu’s "traitor" smiled and the meteor stung the front of Zhao.
Zhao hurriedly stopped.
There are tigers before and E Lai after.
Zhao swallowed a mouthful of water, and the sweat on his forehead kept dropping.
Zhao glanced around, but sadly found that this was the former valley.
Does this mean that evil is rewarded with evil and good with good?
Zhao Guo is not reconciled! ! ! !
Very unwilling! ! ! !
Long Dao in his hand looked at Dian Wei and Xu Chu.
Looking at two people’s bodies, I think it’s easier to bully this person who is in front.
In my mind, I made up my mind to kill this man called Tiger and escape from the world.
JiFan arrived late with three hundred tiger guards at the moment.
Zhao roars a "fuck! ! Come to death! ! !”
I don’t know if this is called a tiger, but Xu Chu, a tiger idiot in the Three Kingdoms!
Just before the mountain, Xu Chu has broken through again, and now it is Dian Wei, which is just a draw with Xu Chu.
Worse, a Zhao state.
Zhao Guoren hasn’t reached his hand yet, waving his teeth and bared his teeth, and looked at Xu Chu.
Xu Chu excited animal one! ! !
Fight! ! !
There is a battle to make his blood gush out again! !
Fight! ! !
Xu Chu "licked" his dry lips with excitement in his eyes.
Zhao was at this moment.
Fell a big fall and got totally embarassed.
Xu Chu’s blood is like a basin of extreme northern ice and snow poured from head to toe.
It’s like a person who has been trained for dozens of minutes and is now very strong, and now he suddenly becomes impotent.
Xu Chu can see at a glance that this man is full of loopholes, frivolous and has a tough body shape, but he is like a flower stand
How can such a man deserve to be his opponent?
Xu Chu’s lack of interest leaked out there.
Dian Wei steps also slow down.
If this Zhao really wants to fight Xu Chu recklessly, then this person is already dead.
Zhao bared his teeth and rushed to raise a long knife like Xu Chu threw it.
Dian Wei leng xu chu leng JiFan growled "stop him he is to run! ! !”
Xu Chu is angry.
This man dares to brush him with his eyes open, but now he has to use his nine-ring knife to block.
However, Zhao passed him with a sly smile.