However, Lu Chen’s vision behind Zhang Ming’s operation, he stood in the middle of the body as if he were invincible, and the roots from the underworld could not interfere with him

Lu Chen looked indifferent and pushed the sun, the moon and the stars to smash the inscriptions around him one by one, almost walking in the universe with a free and unfettered Buddha.
He gave a drink and smashed the reincarnation door. "Even the hell was leveled by me. What is this!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun’s flaw was hurt a little by Liu Chen’s knife, and he quickly retreated.
Star saw this scene, people clenched their fists, and their intuition was boiling.
Emperor Wu and other domineering even if the speed falls in the wind, they have the charm of the world.
As Lu Chen said, the reincarnation method doesn’t work for him, and his qi and blood are too strong. This kind of surgery has a miraculous effect on the weak in his later years.
"After all, it’s not my original body … I can’t reach the real peak."
Free and unfettered Buddha coughed up blood and then sneered at Lu Chen. "But your body is just right. I haven’t tried Wu Shen’s body yet."
He once took possession of the secret method and was about to become a Taoist. An ancient emperor stole the fruit of the other party and enjoyed a period of time as a great emperor, otherwise the root method would have lived so long.
Now he has to go to the finish line again, and he will go against the sky and behead Lu Chen, the strongest physique in history. Once he wins the Wu Shen body, he will be honored again!
"Want my flesh? I’m afraid you will enjoy it. "
Lu Chen’s indifference to Dao is like a net all over the sky, leaving no dead ends to prevent the unfettered Buddha from attacking and killing.
Although the stone emperor was surprised that his blood was toxic that day, it was not the Taoist sound that made Lu Chen hear it himself and didn’t know it.
Obviously, this guy Shi Huang also has a hatred in his heart. He is angry with him in the restricted area and does not listen to his suggestion. He is not so kind to reveal the key information of Lu Chen together.
Shi Huang’s idea is simple … I can’t be cheated alone.
Don’t you covet the precious blood of Liu Chenwu? Then let them continue to snag their eyes. Before he died, Stone Emperor hoped that those who didn’t want to be born to surround and kill Liu Chen would accompany him one by one.
And Liu Chenren is also sure that his mysterious blood concentration is impossible even if he wants to refine the toxicity and curse. He came to control his own blood to remove toxicity and keep alive for some blood, but he can’t do it for others.
So he is a hedgehog, which is really not delicious.
If a free and unfettered Buddha wants to take his own flesh, he will be eroded by mysterious blood when he wants to stay, and the erosion force against the silence of the soul can’t stand even the Buddha.
It can be said that even the revered atavistes will have an accident as soon as they receive a large number of secret medicines, and the Buddha will not have this tolerance
Better than Lu Chen, the adaptors are also slowly rising step by step. If you want to be successful, you will die.
At this time, the Aquarius in the free and unfettered Buddha’s hand glows, and when it is put in the silver sea, it impacts and comes out like a fairy essence, which contains a powerful law, Lu Chen.
"Come on!"
Happy Buddha roared and glowed. He summoned a magical thing to fly from the big dipper domain.
It was a glittering and translucent small lake that rose from the broken sacred cliff and quickly rushed to the sky and then disappeared into the universe.
The small lake crystal disappeared into the battlefield of the universe and then merged into the sea to make it different. It seems to reflect the past life and make people lost!
"this is something left over from the transformation of the ghost emperor. I have seen his ancient scriptures and borrowed them today."
Xiaoyao Tianzun said that he was a real mythical person. He once sat in the ghost emperor and talked about Taoism (not a fake). If years hadn’t cut him off, Lu Chen was strong, but he couldn’t be threatened.
There are three things in the world that are more mysterious than the strange and mysterious reincarnation lake, the Shenfen Lake and the Feixian Waterfall, which are all products of respecting immortality.
That Wang Jingying lake fell into the sea, making the whole sea have a soul, drowning Lu Chen to reflect his past lives.
"Enjoy it!"
Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered that even he wouldn’t immerse himself in this kind of thing, because it was so weird that it might reflect the future, but all kinds of accidents might happen, and even the ghost emperor abandoned it after he changed.
It can be said that the stronger the man gets, the more he gets. There will be great terror, and sometimes it can almost destroy a Daoji. This is the most powerful way for Xiaoyao Tianzun to deal with Lu Chen.
"Emperor Wu is in danger!"
The creatures in the universe exclaimed that some old quasi-emperors recognized what it was, but it was the fusion product of the reincarnation lake and the reincarnation sea. It was untouchable!
"After that, Emperor Wu failed to hide from Xiaoyao Zun too fast and solved the meaning of Lu Chen’s causal knife. He really came to the extreme together in time!"
Some people worry that people like Lu Chen will be able to do anything when they lose the battle.
"A little careless. You should have thought of these things before you fought in the sea of reincarnation."
Gu Tian, Chuan Ying, and some of them can’t sit still. Lu Chen was drowned by the lake of reincarnation. This is really a dead end.
Because the free and unfettered Buddha is really courageous, he will try his best to sublimate as soon as he is exposed. People can suppress Lu Chen as quickly as possible.
This cycle of lake coverage is really unavoidable for Lu Chen, and it is directly contaminated and failed to support the protection of different images.
"It’s too cruel to be so insidious in ancient times. Don’t you dare to fight openly with the help of such strange things? ?”
In the universe, an old quasi-emperor thundered that it is too discouraged to recognize the free and unfettered Buddha and the ancient Buddha
However, Xiaoyao Tianzun sneered when he heard all the living beings curse. "What is this? Living is the winner. If it is true, it takes a hundred tricks to kill him at the peak of the myth era?"
Everything is a victory. Happy Buddha is sure that just now the reincarnation lake really flooded Lu Chen. When the reincarnation lake recedes, Lu Chen will probably become a shell, but the physical vitality is just right for him to enter the house.
But as far as all beings in the universe are concerned, the free and unfettered Buddha sneers at all the forbidden areas, and all of them are pleasantly surprised. When waiting for the result, the reincarnation lake burst into a burst of booze.
"Cycle of lake! ? This is also called reincarnation lake! ?”
Lu Chen roared all over the universe. "It’s all my play!"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Raise monsters with your own hands
To the shock and surprise of Xiaoyao Tianzun, Lu Chen’s reincarnation lake root didn’t get lost for a few seconds and then returned to God.
And Lu Chen’s reincarnation in the lake is like a strong adaptability to this substance, and the roots are no longer affected.
See Lu Chen swallowing heaven and earth with a big breath and swallowing all the reincarnation lakes!
Liu Chen wiped the corners of her mouth, holding a regicide in her hand, and continued to approach the unfettered Buddha who was in a state of being forced by Meng.
Free and unfettered Buddha showed a flaw in his shock. He was injured by Liu Chen’s knife gas and coughed up blood. He quickly stepped on the word and retreated at a high speed.
"How is it possible! How can you not be affected! "
Free and unfettered Buddha can’t understand that it’s the reincarnation lake. If the contemporary emperor is contaminated, he will get lost and have a great terror. He was too old to be contaminated in his heyday, and even the ghost emperor abandoned this thing for fear that it would be affected.
How did Lu Chen do it! ? Even if he leveled the hell and found the secret method of the ghost emperor’s past remnants, it is impossible to resist the reincarnation of the lake because it is almost a solution.
Either you are better than a ghost emperor, and you will be forced to suppress and resist for a while, or you will be reflected in it and lose yourself.
Liu Chen’s facial expression is to continue to make a knife and want to take it while Xiaoyao Buddha is injured.
Reincarnation lake? This is really the rest of his play.