During the Spring Festival in 226, Hua Zhenxing spent the New Year’s Eve in Yangyuan Valley, and he told Manman and Sima Value what they were going to do-to practice swallowing tactic and swallowing method.
Hua Zhenxing intends to teach Maman to swallow dumpling shape and Sima value to swallow carving shape after his own practice.
In the short term, he certainly can’t teach himself that he hasn’t practiced yet. The most important thing for his eyes is to understand the swallowing tactic and then fly to the eastern country by himself.
Wucheng Campus of Feigong University reported for duty this year on the twelfth day of the first month, which means that Hua Zhenxing has 12 days to work at the very most, and he will have to practice at once.
Sima value thought that it was simply impossible to complete, but his mouth advised, "Director Hua doesn’t have to worry if it’s impossible, and don’t force yourself to take a vacation from the school if you can’t arrive on time."
There are many things that can’t be forced in this world. Maybe Yang Tehong just wants to tell Hua Zhen this truth. However, Sima Value didn’t say that it was a wake-up call, and all kinds of possibilities should be considered.
Mann Mann hasn’t made great achievements yet, and she doesn’t really understand some realms, but she always has a fan confidence in Hua Zhen and blinks. "Just fly to the East and I will help you arrange his procedures."
No matter whether you don’t report directly to the school on the twelfth day of the first month, you can go to Shi Shuangcheng to get the photo materials. If the road is delayed, someone here will help you take time off and fly well! "
Mann said that his formalities refer to immigration records, quarantine certificates and so on. She can arrange the illusion here, and there is not only one illusion in Hua Zhen, but also more than one illusion in the world.
It’s not difficult for him to learn the formula of swallowing shapes from the first day of Chinese New Year.
If Hua Zhen-hang can’t understand the formula today, then he can’t accept it. It may be a unique way for a master in history to entertain himself-because he can’t teach his brother!
On the morning of the fifth day of the lunar new year, a white crane came out of the bamboo pavilion near the lake in Huazhenxing. It was slender and its wings crossed and straightened, and its neck stretched straight. A person came to look up and looked at the posture like a person walking with his hands behind his back.
When I saw the crane force jumping, I jumped off a big tree next to it and kept a balance with its wings. It either flew or jumped to the crane’s Hua Zhen trip and Hua Zhen trip, of course, I could jump off a tree.
The white crane struggled to leap from the branches and spread its wings as if it were about to fly in the wind. However, it didn’t fly to the shore of the lake, so it fell, not only with its mouth gnawing at the mud, but also with a naked human figure.
Chapter 535, Huahe Hang
Hua Zhen’s trip is really a genius. Besides, he learned the swallowing tactic in less than five days. Although it can’t be said that it is exquisite, it is still an introduction.
On this basis, he will swallow the crane-shaped cultivation introduction. At this moment, I understand the old man Yang’s words. It is difficult to master the subtlety of the cultivation introduction, but it is even more difficult for Hua Zhen to swallow the crane-shaped cultivation at this moment, but it can’t fly.
Although he has changed into a crane, he is still a person with human consciousness and walking mode. It is impossible for a crane to make that move by jumping on branches.
Crane’s physiological structure, nerve reaction mode, sensory system and muscle memory are different from those of human beings. Although Hua Zhen can swallow the crane shape, it is tangible and spiritual.
Even if he learns this trick, he can’t learn how to dress himself. He fell naked from the tree and fell into his original body, and he was naked.
It doesn’t matter if he falls. Sima value can be startled. Zhu Yujing was almost disturbed in the setting.
After the Spring Festival, Xiao Guang took a few days off and left Yangyuan Valley to replace Sima. The watchman can detect all kinds of movements here and know what Hua Zhen is doing these days.
Sima Value found a crane coming out of the lakeside pavilion, jumping on a big tree and falling off with its wings, and then he saw that General Manager Hua fell naked and chewed the mud.
What about Zhu Yujing? He’s in the pavilion, and he’s showing his knowledge of the gods, and he can also detect the movement in Yangyuan Valley.
Sima value quickly told Zhu Yujing that it is not surprising and it is strictly forbidden to tell this scene as a password.
Sima Value personally arrived at Hua Zhen Hang to close the Qing Dynasty. When Hua Zhen Hang was dressed, he became speechless by the lake. He reviewed and summarized the mistake just now-he did swallow a crane and turned out to be a stupid crane.
Sima Value: "Congratulations to General Manager Hua, who has learned to swallow cranes in just a few days!"
Hua Zhenxing came to his senses and waved his hand and said, "How can it be so exaggerated that it will swallow a crane and can’t fly … By the way, what about Maman and them? Don’t they raise Yuangu today?"
Sima value "Manman and Lang Xiaomin and others are flying back to the East today."
Hua Zhen trip "Then I should take off, too. I’ll leave you the bench."
Syma value motioning with his hand, "Director Hua must not worry or practice proficiency first to be more secure on the small bench, and you don’t have to leave Locke to temporarily lend Feiyun boots to my small bench or do you take it with you?"
There is a saying that Sima value didn’t say that it was really good to come to China. It’s okay to fall from a tree. What if you fly to Gao and do it again? When there is a small bench, the imperial flying can always ensure that there is no danger.
Hua Zhenxing shook his head, saying, "I always have something to rely on when I set off with a small bench. It is better to leave it in a state of mind. Even if I am not proficient in swallowing cranes, I am also a monk of the seven realms."
He handed the flying bench to Sima Zhi, who was branded with his heart and sent it away. Then he swallowed the crane tree for the second time and pushed it hard, and actually glided in the wind and flew over the lake at a distance.
This flight was successful, but the posture looked stiff, not like a live crane, but like a model.
Hua Zhen’s trip is not without flying experience. On the contrary, he has rich flying experience. He first came from bamboo magpie, which is not a toy, but a technique similar to eye surgery, which can be attached to gods.
Flying bamboo magpies feels a bit like being possessed by bamboo magpies and soaring high.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t have the experience of being a crane, but he was already familiar with playing bamboo magpie. After reviewing, summarizing and reflecting, Liebaihe flew to the other side with the help of air gliding like a bamboo magpie.
But after all, he learned from the bamboo magpie technique and realized that others were not gliding in the posture of bamboo magpie, but the real flight was still a long way off.
Hua Zhen spent the whole afternoon raising people in Yuangu, tossing and drifting, falling into the water many times and crawling naked. Fortunately, people were watching.
He practiced so hard that he didn’t realize that someone could "see" Zhu Yujing sitting in the pavilion, and his mouth twitched and his eyelids jumped. Later, he simply left the scene and didn’t continue to practice.
In the afternoon, I landed again, and the trip to Hua Zhen finally stopped flying. I wandered around the shore of Baihe Lake, but suddenly I spread my wings and jumped into the lake, and a big fish came out with a long beak.