Not surprisingly, more than 400 people can safely return to Danyang Gate.

Xiao Ning successfully accepted several ancient books of alchemy from the hall of alchemy.
Bringing these ancient books back to Danyang Gate will inevitably make Danyang Gate look up and rise in status.
The next day, all the clan forces, such as Danyang Gate, Qianhe Gate, Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect, left here and returned to Xuantiancheng.
Most monks have achieved their goals in this ancient battlefield trip.
After a while, everyone will choose to practice in the peace of mind Xuan Tiancheng until the expiration of one year.
Su Mo also closed the seventh pulse.
As time goes by, Su Mo has been in the ancient battlefield for half a year.
A few days ago, he just got through the seventh pulse and his strength rose again.
To continue to practice Su Mo, it is possible to practice to the peak of seven veins before leaving the ancient battlefield.
After returning to the perfect pulse Dan after a big week, he will have the opportunity to get through the first spiritual pulse and become a monk who runs through the odd meridians!
Pulse penetration is the foundation of dzogchen will become an elixir!
And there must be a vision when condensing the elixir!
Of course, this is before everything goes well.
No one can fix the truth to ensure a smooth journey, and no one can predict what will happen in this process.
In this day, there was a sudden thunder and lightning, and a horrible and terrible coercion came to the ancient battlefield instantly!
All is silent!
When it seems to be solidified.
All creatures in the ancient battlefield, whether they are ancient relics or pure blood fierce beasts, honestly fell on the ground and were silent, and their eyes showed all their fears.
This is the fear from ancient times, which is far away but deeply rooted.
The ancient battlefields were all over the wild mainland, and all the super-clansmen appeared in succession and looked up at the middle school, showing shock.
Several monks woke up from the closed one after another.
Is it Danyang Gate and Qianhemen or Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect in the Xuan Tian Cheng?
At this moment, all the monks felt something and came to the roof of the strip to overlook it.
Many monks looked aghast and dumbfounded.
Even Liang Bo, the body seal, opened his mouth and an incredible light broke out in his eyes.
The center of the sky is suddenly changed!
Dark clouds covered the sea of clouds, rolling and surging, slowly rotating to form a huge black cloud vortex, which was extremely shocking.
This sea of clouds is full of Lei Guang snakes, and a fiery ocean of thunder is formed in the dense sea of clouds.
The closer you get to the center of the vortex, the denser the thunder becomes!
Thunder is rolling and light is blazing.
It seems that there is a giant coming from the whirlpool of the sea of clouds!
"This is …"
Su Mo stepped up and looked up at the sky, his eyes shining with Zhan Ran’s divine light.
The breath coming from the center of the sea of clouds vortex is terrible and heart-rending!
This coercion enveloped Su Mo’s heart and gave birth to a sense of humbleness and insignificance, almost to worship!
Some monks can’t bear it, but they have already knelt down and looked frightened.
Gradually, a huge square slate cage emerged in the center of the whirlpool, and the wilderness seemed to crush everything in the ancient battlefield!